Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving will be here in a few short weeks.  For those of us who are hosting the family day feast in our homes this year, now is the time to start planning.  Working a good plan will allow us to actually sit down and enjoy ourselves the day of, rather than fall asleep on the couch after dinner and miss out on all the fun (and exciting family drama).

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Meal Planning

 Although summer technically ends in mid September, the start of a new school year always seems like the official end of summer.   For me, the end of summer means shutting down the grill with all of its spontaneity  and going back into the kitchen to prepare and cook my family’s meals.  Being the dedicated to wholefoods eating, yet super busy mom that I am, this requires  planning.  Lots of planning, since McDonalds is NEVER an option around here.  Meal Planning is a skill in and of itself.  Its more than a notion and it does take some time but once it is done the rewards are great.  The Key to successful  meal planning is having the right tools and then, of course, executing the plan.

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Get A Vitamix For Only $299!!!

Get A Vitamix For Just $299!!!

Get a Vitamix for Just $299
As a Vitamix affiliate, I have recently been informed that Vitamix is offering Certified Reconditioned blenders for only $299.  The blenders come with a new container and new accessories so only the base is refurbished.
This offer is so worth it.  Since I purchased my Vitamix three years ago I have used it almost everyday and it is still going strong.  It actually saves me money as I use it to make my own Almond Milk and condiments.  I use it’s powerful blades to grind coffee beans and I make my own brown and powdered sugars with it.  Just last night I used it to puree onions, peppers, ginger and garlic to make an Indian style curry sauce which I poured over fresh goat in the slow-cooker and it came out delicious.  This machine is indispensable to me and with it’s lengthy warranty, this deal is a no-brainer.
As you know, Vitamix Blenders last forever so this refurbished blender deal is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!

CLICK HERE to purchase your “Like New” Vitamix with FREE SHIPPING today!!!  You wont regret it for a second.



The Power of Lemons – For home, health and beauty

Lemon Power

The title of this article, The Power of Lemons, is really an understatement.  When I decided to write this article I had no idea just how powerful lemons really were.  As I did my research I realized that one article would be way too long to summarize all of the information I was gathering.  Since the power of lemons spans across all of my content and then some, I really wanted to present my readers with all of the information I could.  So,  I have decided to break this article up into four sections with this article being the introduction.   Below you will find a link in every category on Home Aide Good about lemons.  Cooking with lemons, cleaning with lemons, using lemons as medicine and a post on lemons under my newly created category, Homemade Cosmetics, which was inspired by you know what… yup, Lemons!
I played around with the idea of creating this new category some time ago.  Up until now I have categorized my homemade cosmetics posts under the Home Remedies category.  Lemons have changed the game my friends.  The recipes and tips I discovered on using lemons to beautify oneself deserves a class of its own.  Click one or click them all, but, above all, please enjoy my tribute to The Power of Lemons.
Cleaning with Lemons
Using Lemons as Home Remedies
Using Lemons in Your Cosmetics
Cooking with Lemons – Coming Soon

DIY Home First Aid Kit

Store bought first aid kits can be quite expensive and filled with items that you do not use or maybe do not need in your all natural arsenal of injury management.  Depending on your family’s needs you may be able to put together a DIY home first aid kit.  As with any first aid kit, you will need to re-stock as supplies are used.  So what are the basics of a first aid kit anyway?

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Homemade Rodent Repellant


Spring has sprung and the mice are active. #CityLivin.  Last year even my cat couldn’t keep the little critters away. Not this year! I have a remedy for that and it doesn’t involve sealing up holes with steel wool. Seeing that my mouse hole is behind my lazy susan cabinet, that’s not a very practical solution anyway.  Here’s the trick.
Mice don’t like menthol. The aroma must be too powerful for their little noses. So, once I found out where the mice were coming from, I blasted the area with drops of Essential Oil of Peppermint. Every week or so, a few drops behind my stove does the trick. I haven’t seen a mouse since last spring.
Now, if you want to go HAM on those suckers, douse some cotton balls in peppermint oil and stuff all of your mouse holes with them and steel wool, all mixed in together. Mice won’t come near the stuff and you won’t have a mouse problem any more.