BRAT Diet Smoothie

BRAT Diet Smoothie!

I’ve been suffering from a nasty case of diarrhea. Two days straight. Im stuck on this BRAT diet (bananas, white rice, applesauce, toast) and in dire need of electrolytes. My SO brought me some unflavored Pedialyte. Yuck! But bless his heart, I am grateful.  I couldn’t stand the taste of it and I was hungry so I came up with this delicious idea.  It even works with flavored Pedialyte…yum!!



1.5 cups of Pedialyte (or any other high electrolyte beverage)

2 bananas

1 cup of applesauce


Blend all ingredients on high-speed for 30-60 seconds. Drink and enjoy.


Safe for your upset stomach and restores electrolytes at the same damn time.




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