Get A Vitamix For Only $299!!!

Get A Vitamix For Just $299!!!

Get a Vitamix for Just $299
As a Vitamix affiliate, I have recently been informed that Vitamix is offering Certified Reconditioned blenders for only $299.  The blenders come with a new container and new accessories so only the base is refurbished.
This offer is so worth it.  Since I purchased my Vitamix three years ago I have used it almost everyday and it is still going strong.  It actually saves me money as I use it to make my own Almond Milk and condiments.  I use it’s powerful blades to grind coffee beans and I make my own brown and powdered sugars with it.  Just last night I used it to puree onions, peppers, ginger and garlic to make an Indian style curry sauce which I poured over fresh goat in the slow-cooker and it came out delicious.  This machine is indispensable to me and with it’s lengthy warranty, this deal is a no-brainer.
As you know, Vitamix Blenders last forever so this refurbished blender deal is a LIMITED TIME OFFER!

CLICK HERE to purchase your “Like New” Vitamix with FREE SHIPPING today!!!  You wont regret it for a second.




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