Homemade Deodorant

I finally did it!  I successfully made my own homemade deodorant.

My journey with controlling underarm odor has been a long one.  About 20 years ago, back in college, I began to have allergic reactions to antiperspirant deodorants.  I would develop the itchiest, ugliest rash on and around my armpits within hours after using it, so I stopped.  I found a brand labeled as deodorant only, that did not have the antiperspirant (aluminum) ingredients in it.  After less than a year of using that I developed an allergy to that too, not to mention that it was not very good at controlling odor.  I switched over to the crystal which didn’t work AND caused and allergic reaction.  I tried spray on’s and expensive “natural” deodorants.  Nothing worked.  Eventually they would all cause me to have the itchy, ugly rash.  I struggled until about five years ago, when I finally found a deodorant that worked.
Finding what worked
At the advice of a trusted friend I tried putting good old fashioned baking soda under my arms.  It definitely worked at controlling odor.  I would know because I have the under arm odor of a man who just finished playing in a basketball tournament on the winning team.  Yeah, it’s that bad.  However, my skin proved to be a little too sensitive to baking soda and after a few days of use I felt the rash coming on again.  Then I thought to mix it with cornstarch at a 1:1 ratio.  Still  broke out in a rash.  It didn’t give up though, I couldn’t.  Baking soda was the only product that actually worked well at controlling odor.  So, I tried a different ratio of 2:1 cornstarch to baking soda.  It worked!  Finally, a formula that worked…for a while.  Every one to three months or so I would have to rub my armpits down with lavender oil after my bath or shower, then apply the powder as I normally would.  This routine seemed to work for me, but I longed for something more simple.  Besides, having powder sprinkled all over my bathroom floor and sink (and sometimes my pants) was not the aesthetic I was going for.
The winning combination
I began looking around on the web for a good homemade deodorant recipe.  I found quite a few using the above powder ingredients in a solidifier like coconut oil or beeswax.  Now, having used these resources on a daily basis,  I just didn’t feel like they would work for a deodorant stick.  Coconut oil melts at 70°F and would have to be refrigerated during the summer months.  First of all, that’s just cold and secondly, if I had to travel all the way to the kitchen to put deodorant on in the morning I would forget everyday.  Lets just say that once I get in the kitchen in the morning, life is no longer about me (except when it comes to my french pressed coffee…that’s ALL about me).  l also read that beeswax is an oft used main ingredient for deodorant sticks but having worked with beeswax on a regularly in other recipes like my Beehive Jelly, I didn’t feel like it would be the best ingredient.  It’s too hard and it does not glide on the skin smoothly unless it is mixed with other oils, which then make it too soft.  Then one day I took a new look at raw chunk cocoa butter and got a revelation.  Cocoa butter could work, for so many reasons.  It doesn’t melt easily, yet it is soft and smooth and has a conditioning effect on the skin.  It would be perfect!

Turns out I was right.  Here is the winning recipe

After several tries to find a homemade deodorant formula that worked, this is what I came up with.  A deodorant stick that’s not so hard that it’s uncomfortable to apply, but not so soft that it doesn’t stick to your skin nor leave an oily stain on all of your shirts.
Homemade Deodorant Ingredients:
1 oz Beeswax
1 oz cocoa butter
1 oz coconut oil
6 Tbsp (3 oz)  baking soda/cornstarch mixture using ratio above
5-10 drops essential oil of lavender
  1. Melt beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil in a pot over medium heat.
  2. Add powder mixture and stir with a whisk until well blended.  Should have a creamy consistency like this:

homemade deodorant


3. Remove from heat

4. Add essential oil of lavender

5.  Pour into an empty 3 oz deodorant container

6.  Refrigerate or just wait until it solidifies over night

Here is my final result:
homemade deodorant
Apply as needed for deodorized, bacteria free, soft, smooth, rash free armpits.   No refrigeration needed, this homemade deodorant will remain solid at room temperature all year round.
So, what do you think?  Looks good enough to share right?
For those of you who have tried your hand at making your own deodorant,  what works for you?

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