Homemade De-icer

Got Frost? 

This was the scene all over my car one morning last week just as I was about to leave for work, running late as usual.  This stuff was as hard as a brick.  


It would have easily taken me an additional 30 minutes, to get it all off my car.  Then I remembered this tip that I read online one day (I have no idea where I read it).
Pour two parts white vinegar and one part water into a squirt bottle.  An old sports water bottle will do just fine, anything you can squeeze with relative ease.  Squirt the solution all over the ice.  The ice scrapes right off.  That 30 minute job just got reduced to 5 minutes.
I wish I had a video to show you just how easy this is.  That hard, cold ice slid down my windows after just one scrape.  Unfortunately, I could not film, squirt and scrape at the same time and there was no one around at 6:30 am to hold the camera for me.  However, I guarantee that if you try this, it will work.
This was the patch that was left on my rear window after I arrived at work.
 I impressed the hell out of the hard core maintenance guy on my job when I showed him how to do this.  He said he was never buying de-icer again… I don’t blame him.  Vinegar costs $2 a gallon.  How much is store bought de-icer running you these days?





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