The ABC’s of Castile Soap

Dilute Dilute Dilute.

I swear by Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap in my house for everything from hand washing soap to bathtub cleaner.  I’ve used the unscented liquid soap as a baby wash by adding just a little bit to baby’s bathtub and wiping him down sponge bath style.  I put the diluted soap in my foam dispensers for hand washing in the bathrooms and the kitchen, lavendar is my favorite for that.  I am in love with the rose scented Castile soap as a bodywash and keep a 32oz bottle in the shower.  The citrus scent, however, is a close second.  I use the peppermint soap to clean my floors with which keeps the city mice out of my house.  One whiff of peppermint and they gladly find someone else’s hole.  I have even used the Castile soap bars in my homemade laundry detergent recipes.


Dr Bronner’s natural oil based soaps are truly all-purpose.  They can, however, be a little expensive (especially for a frugal sistah like myself).  At $10 a quart, I’m gonna need them to last me a while.  So, as soon as I bring home a 32 oz bottle of liquid Castile soap I dilute it using a 3:1 ratio of water to soap and transfer it into an empty vinegar bottle.  This ratio instantly stretches one quart into a gallon and last’s me a good 3-4 months. Cha-ching…money’s worth!

So the next time you pick up a bottle of liquid Castile soap (wordpress keeps making me capitalize Castile.  Is that really necessary?), instantly quadruple its volume using the above ratio.  Remember the ABC’s and dilute, dilute, dilute!.


Materials needed:

• an 8 oz bottle of Dr Bronner’s liquid Castile soap (or one 32 oz bottle)

• a 32 oz bottle preferably with a squirt top (or an empty 1 gallon container)

• Water



1. Pour the castile soap into the larger bottle

2. Fill up the empty soap bottle with water 3 times and add it to the larger bottle

3. That’s it.  Easy like Staples.



If you are new to using Castile soaps and you want to get a few scents all at once I would suggest you get the smaller 8 oz bottles of soap and dilute into a 32 oz bottle.  It will be plenty.

If using as a hand soap I strongly recommend getting a foaming soap dispenser.  Diluted Castile soap is too watery for a regular dispenser but works perfectly as a foam soap. Undiluted, it will clog up your dispenser.


Other ways I use Castile soap:

• last resort shampoo (its a little too oily for me but, it will do if there is nothing else on hand)

• fruit and vegetable wash, excellent

• occassional dish washer detergent

• occassional dish washing liquid. It doesnt produce any suds in the bucket but if I pour it on the dish rag directly Im good

• bubble bath without the bubble

• a make do laundry detergent

• all purpose surface cleaner (see my recipe for a homemade soft scrub here)

• Couple it with peroxide to clean my gladrags and moon cups *ladies

• Homemade baby wipes (unscented)

• Foot soak (peppermint)


Simply put, I use this stuff on everything.  Did I miss anything?


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