Homemade Clean Microwave

Ok so, I was at work yesterday (work is the only place where I use a microwave) and I went to the kitchen to warm up my lunch.  It was well after lunch hour and apparently, someone had a blowout in the microwave and they did not clean up after themselves. Look at this mess.


Gross right? I was NOT putting my food in that thing. But, I remembered this tip that I once read that I had filed away in the back of my mind since we dont have a microwave in our home.


A cup of vinegar in the microwave on high for 2 minutes loosens up all the stuck on gook.








All you have to do is wipe it all off with a wet rag (I used a paper towel). You don’t even have to scrub hard, it wipes right off and since its only vinegar, there’s no rinsing required… Thats my kinda clean.

And whalah:



Have you tried this technique?


One thought on “Homemade Clean Microwave

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