How to make your own UN-Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is made from crude oil.  We don’t really want crude oil rubbed all over our bodies do we? Huffpost has an interesting article about the dangers of using petroleum jelly which you can access here.In the meantime, here is a simple way to make a very good substitute.




1 Cup base oil (can be olive, coconut, almond or any combination of your favs)

2 Tbs pure beeswax




  • combine oil and beeswax in a medium sized pot (I like to use cast iron) and melt the beeswax down
  • transfer to a heat safe container, use a silicone spatula to scrape all of the oils out of your pot.
  • If you like you may add your favorite essential oils for scent or added benefits, but the scent of the beeswax is actually enough.  It smells quite good without any added fragrance.  Use your own discretion here.



Whalah (is that how you spell whalah?).  Shrugs. Anyhoo, thats it.  Allow the mixture to set.  If you make it at night it will be ready by the next morning.  It should thicken to a slightly softer consistency than petro-jelly.  If it is too stiff you have added too much beeswax, try melting it down again and add more oil.  If it is too thin you have used too little beeswax, melt it down and add a little more wax.

This body jelly makes an excellent moisturizer.  I use it on my skin daily to lock in moisture.  For best results, apply immediately after you shower, preferably before you dry off.

Try it for yourself and come back to this post to report your results.



2 thoughts on “How to make your own UN-Petroleum Jelly

  1. This stuff is AWESOME! Thank you so much for the recipe. I mixed oils up with shea butter before, but I never thought of adding beeswax. Thanks for the great tutorial! (Oh, and it’s “voila” by the way) 😉

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