Home Made Flu Fighters


Autumn is here.  The kids are back to their lessons, the leaves are falling off of the trees, our nights and mornings are much cooler, the apples are ripe and the pumpkins are everywhere. Winter squash, sweet potatoes, turkey pot pies…all the things we love about autumn have returned.  Also returning is the one thing about Autumn we don’t love so much…Influenza.  Yes, flu season is upon us and now is the time to be proactive in keeping our families safe.  In addition to the flu shot that you and your family may receive, below are a few articles dedicated to fighting this ugly virus before it knocks you on your butt, cold (no pun intended).  Since most of us cannot afford to be down with a fever, body aches, chills, stuffy noses and relentless sneezing for 3-5 days, or home tirelessly caring for a flu-bug bitten loved one, here are some things you can make to fight the flu virus should it creep into your homes.

The Hot Tottie (and The Virgin Tottie)

The Incredible Onion

*Mysol Spray

As always, dont forget to frequently wash your hands long enough to sing your ABC’s, get plenty of rest, eat your greens and drink plenty of water.


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